Junior Composers Contest

Junior Composers Contest


Junior Composers may enter one composition in their state’s Junior Composer Contest.

A complete application form and fee must be received by the deadline of January 15, 2018.

The contest entry fee for CFMC members is $35.00 

(Contest is open only to members, but non-members can become members by joining  at cfmc-music.org) If you are not a state member, please add $13.00 to the fee of $35.00 for a total of $48.00, to become a CFMC Junior Member.

Class level ages are determined as of March 1st of the entry year, regardless of when judging will actually take place.

Class Level ages are as follows:

Class I (or Level I): 9 years and under

Class II (or Level II): 10–12 years

Class III (or Level III): 13–15 years

Class IV (or Level IV): 16–18 years


Contest Rules
1. All compositions must be the original and complete work of the Junior Composer.
2. Compositions must be notated by the Junior Composer by hand or computer-generated.
3. Teachers may computer-generate a student’s handwritten score for purposes of clarity, but may not make changes, corrections or additions from the Junior Composer’s original score. A PDF copy of the original handwritten score must also be submitted with the other materials for purposes of comparison.
4. National first place winners in any Class may not win in that Class again.

The following materials must be provided with each application:
1. A completed application form. (Typed applications preferable—illegible applications complicate the process of returning comment sheets and follow-up information!)
2. A score with title, Junior Composer’s name, age and Class in the upper right corner of each page.
3. An MP3 audio file of the composition with title and Junior Composer’s name.
4. Materials must be submitted in the following ways: MAIL the application form and contest fee to the State Chair by the deadline; EMAIL the composition score in PDF and an audio file in MP3 format to the State Chair by the deadline.
The State Chair will confirm by email, receipt of the application, contest fee, composition score, and audio file.

Responsibilities of Participants:
• If confirmation of receipt of entry has not been received within a reasonable amount of time of submission, it is the responsibility of the Junior Composer and/or his/her parents to contact the State Chair to confirm he has received the entry.
• It is the responsibility of the Junior Composer and/or his/her parents to communicate with the Junior Composer’s teacher in regard to recitals and other pertinent contest information.

All Junior Composers are invited and encouraged to perform in the CFMC Junior Composer Recital

CFMC Junior Composer Recital
Rockley Family Foundation Recital Hall,
8591 W. Colfax Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado
Saturday, April 14th, 3:30 PM


Mail contest fee and application to be received by the January 15, 2018 deadline to:

Rachael Hutchings, Colorado State Jr. Composers Chairman

CFMC Junior Composer Contest

1338 S. Field Ct.

Lakewood, CO 80232


For more information contact Rachael Hutchings at:

Email: rachaelhutchings88@gmail.com

Phone: 650-888-9962


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